Promoting change
until all are included

We establish the space, set the agenda, and engage our growing, global community.
This is a journey, and we want you to join.


Our story

Behind gender, backgrounds and titles, we are all human beings. We all have a valuable perspective. And the world is poorer without it. Still, the bulk of our leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs come from the same, overrepresented group.

SHE was born with a desire to end this lack of balance. To change what is inexcusably unjust and create opportunities not just for some – but for all of us. And not only because it’s fair.  We believe progress will also yield profit.

Together, we build the structure to help each other push forward – we promote change until we are all included.

What is SHE all about?

The core of SHE’s operations is the community that has been built since its inception in 2014. 

With the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding focus, we work towards decreasing disparities and increasing equality via various partnered programs and initiatives.

Values we live by



We empower people to make business fair for everyone

We gather a growing community of individuals, companies and governments, and provide the motivation, inspiration and toolset needed to increase inclusivity and create real change for people — in business and society.



Promoting change until
all are included

If more human diversity is included in the business, it will benefit society as a whole.

SHE will continue to push for inclusivity in the workplace, anticipating a day when everyone has a chance to rise to the top.

Why we do it

We do this because when it comes to social equity, the world still hasn’t come far enough.

The pursuit of the
United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is critical to the future success of your business, and it’s a key component of innovation. SHE pursues social sustainability by engaging primarily in these four Sustainable Development Goals.

Increasing social sustainability—more equality and less disparities

SHE Conference 2023

SHE Conference has become one of the world’s leading events focused on social responsibility and sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

SHE Insight

SHE Community’s editorial platform bringing our readers international news and inspirational content aimed at inspiring more equality and diversity to all.

SHE Community in the Media


What Can Be Measured,
Can Also Be Changed.

The SHE Index is a user-friendly data-driven solution expertly structured to scale social sustainability in business.

The SHE Index is based on a survey submitted by the participating companies focusing on important aspects of gender equality. The survey is voluntary and trust based, and is most often submitted by HR, CSR and similar functions. From the submitted information, we calculate a single SHE Index score from 0 to 100 summarizing how well the company performs.

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