SHE Index

What can be measured, can also be changed.


Transparency Creates Trust

The SHE Index is a user-friendly data-driven solution expertly structured to scale social sustainability in business.

When we first set out to create the SHE Index in 2018, our goal was to find a way to document how far individual companies had come with regards to gender balance. 

Thus we wanted to create an Index that would reflect the true status of gender equality in corporate life. In addition, we wanted to find a way of understanding the underlying factors in achieving progress with respect to equality.

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How the index works

The SHE Index is based on a survey submitted by the participating companies focusing on important aspects of gender equality. 

The survey is voluntary and trust based, and is most often submitted by HR, CSR and similar functions. From the submitted information, we calculate a single SHE Index score from 0 to 100 summarizing how well the company performs.

The SHE Index is a supplementary tool to assist in DEI reporting to help create a more visual representations of results. 


One Movement Is All It Takes To Set Things In Motion

The SHE Index is a catalyst for encouraging stakeholders to focus on diversity and inclusion in leadership and workforce, equal compensation and work life balance.


By joining the Index, companies have taken an important step in being a part of the journey towards greater diversity and inclusion.


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