SHE Conference 2023

Empower Difference


Diversity is Important—Inclusion is the Solution

A well-versed story of growth and impact, the SHE Conference has been host to Changemakers, activists and world leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, and multiple generations of Norwegian Prime Ministers including Gro Harlem Brundtland and Erna Solberg.  

The message is clear, companies do better when you build and utilize a diverse staff. In addition to increased profits, the welfare of a company is improved under inclusive leadership.

The SHE Conference is one of our highly-impactful and recognized tools to achieve this goal.

Join us to Empower Difference.


Promoting Change Until All Are Included

The SHE Conference has for over five years been a platform for individuals to share personal impact stories, a hub for valuable partnerships, and a meeting place for collaboration. 

Our goal for the future is to foster a society where social equity and inclusive work cultures are commonsense for individuals and corporations. Until then, we’ll continue empowering difference and providing the meeting grounds for further change.

oslo, norway

SHE 2023

  • 3000+ Physical attendees 
  • 200+ Investors 
  • 100+ Startup Founders and Operators 

A gathering of 15,000+ people from all over the world watching the digital conference.

Watch the replay of SHE 2021 & 2022


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