Women In Leadership: To Find or Be Found?

When trying to find something in a cupboard, my husband will usually leave the room and come back a minute later, empty handed and disappointed. I will go to the same place and spend five to ten seconds to identify the missing item. The reason is usually because he will open the cupboard doors look at what is immediately in front of him and if it’s not what he is looking for, the item is invisible. Me, I will lift and move things around in order to find the item in question – and usually do.

Artificial Intelligence Has a Bias Problem

From the way that airbags are designed in cars, to the lack of women included in medical research, we see the ways in which gender bias in these fields has negatively impacted women.  Gender bias is especially problematic in fields that  are  overwhelmingly made up of men,  including computer programming.  In our increasingly  digitalized  and technological […]