LGBTQI+ in the workplace — How can we do better?

Protective legislation against LGBTQI+ discrimination has been improving in many countries around the world, and positive representation in popular entertainment and arts media has increased. Frustratingly, however, discrimination against LGBTQI+ people in workplaces persist, even in countries with laws to prevent it, and some forms, such as the marginalisation of trans people, are particularly prevalent. […]

Untapped talent — working towards neurodiverse inclusion in the workforce

The inclusion of neurodiversity in the workplace is a major step towards an innovative and sustainable workforce. The last couple of years we have seen an increased focus on customised practices related to hiring, onboarding, and retention.   Neurodiversity (noun): the variation and differences in neurological structure and function that exist among human beings, especially when […]

DiversITy is the key to eliminating bias in coding and technology. 

Start with the kids!  In my daily work, I see gender patterns and bias related to security, ethics, privacy or simply how technology functions. To overcome these challenges, one measure is to teach the kids to code—the rest of us need to learn the true meaning of diversity.  At the non-profit organization Lær Kidsa Koding […]

Artificial Intelligence Has a Bias Problem

From the way that airbags are designed in cars, to the lack of women included in medical research, we see the ways in which gender bias in these fields has negatively impacted women.  Gender bias is especially problematic in fields that  are  overwhelmingly made up of men,  including computer programming.  In our increasingly  digitalized  and technological […]

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