LGBTQI+ in the workplace — How can we do better?

Protective legislation against LGBTQI+ discrimination has been improving in many countries around the world, and positive representation in popular entertainment and arts media has increased. Frustratingly, however, discrimination against LGBTQI+ people in workplaces persist, even in countries with laws to prevent it, and some forms, such as the marginalisation of trans people, are particularly prevalent. […]

Untapped talent — working towards neurodiverse inclusion in the workforce

The inclusion of neurodiversity in the workplace is a major step towards an innovative and sustainable workforce. The last couple of years we have seen an increased focus on customised practices related to hiring, onboarding, and retention.   Neurodiversity (noun): the variation and differences in neurological structure and function that exist among human beings, especially when […]

A Fight for Women is a Fight for All — an Interview with Sherry Hakimnejad

If you are reading this newsletter on the day of its release, it is International Women’s Day, 2023. You may also probably keenly aware that now, in 2023, we are depressingly far from achieving our ambition of a safe, equitable, free and fair world for people of all genders around the world.   Many issues have […]

Norsk Kunst i kortformat — ARTCARDs

I mange år laget hun store og små bursdagskort med personlige illustrasjoner og tekst til venner og familie. Anne Kristin Møller undret seg over hvorfor mange av kortene i bokhandelen var så like, ofte med små og store hjerter, tall, søte bamser og grelle sjampanjeflasker med glitter på. Men en dag fikk en venn av […]

Q&A with CEO and Founder of Lendwill – the winner of SHE Startup Pitch 2021

Anzhelika Osmanova share her experience from the Startup Pitch 2021, and how her startup contributes to build a healthy relationship with money. Who are you, and what does your company do?  Lendwill is a mobile application that makes it possible for people to turn their usual human-to-human lending and borrowing interactions into blockchain-verified proxies of […]

Q&A with the founders of Stack – winners of SHE Pitch 2022!

Q&A with the founders of Stack – winners of SHE Pitch 2022! Stack helps women get started with investing, especially the many women who to date have invested less than their male counterparts!  They believe that the capital market should be for everyone, and for that reason also have solutions that are adapted to […]

Boken «Investeringsreisen»: En godtepose full av gode investeringsråd

Har du sett filmen om Bridget Jones der hun setter utfor en skibakke i Alpene – uten en gang å kunne ploge seg ned bakken?  Som etter en hasardiøs ferd, dundrer rett inn på et apotek med skiene på bena og forsøker å forklare hva hun skal ha – på et språk hun ikke skjønner?  […]

Heidi Aven—SHE Community’s CEO Championing for Change

Heidi Aven believes action, not only talk is the way to create real change. A woman seeking to bridge business, innovation, and equality, Heidi is the woman who founded SHE Community. A changemaker driven by results, leading through transparency, and always looking for a little bit more. Heidi learned early on what it takes to be a founder. Her father had his own company, and at […]

Høsten Podserie fra SHE Community — Ute nå!

I den første podcasten denne høsten, har vi en samtale med Heidi Aven, CEO og grunnleggeren av SHE Community. Vi kjører i gang med en ny runde podcast fra SHE Community. I denne podcasten snakker Victoria Wæthing med ledere -og fremtidige ledere. Vi tar en nærmere titt på SHE Leads programmet fra SHE Community med […]